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CE RED Wireless Certification in the European Union

The CE RED (Radio Equipment Directive) certification is a mandatory process for wireless devices seeking to be sold and used within the European Economic Area (EEA). It ensures that radio equipment complies with the harmonized standards and safety requirements set by the European Union.

The CE RED certification is based on the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), which aims to harmonize the spectrum usage, improve its efficiency, and avoid harmful interference while protecting the health and safety of individuals as well as property. The directive covers a wide range of wireless devices including mobile phones, Wi-Fi equipment, bluetooth devices, radio frequency remote control equipment, and broadcast equipment.

To obtain CE RED certification, manufacturers must demonstrate that their radio equipment meets the essential requirements outlined in the directive. This involves submitting technical documentation, undergoing conformity assessment procedures, and ensuring that the product carries the CE marking.

The CE marking is a declaration of conformity, indicating that the product meets all the relevant European Union directives and regulations. It serves as a passport for the product to enter the European market, ensuring free movement within the EEA.

The CE RED wireless certification process ensures consumer safety, protects against harmful radio emissions, and maintains the integrity of the radio spectrum in the European Union. It is an essential requirement for manufacturers looking to market and sell their wireless devices in the European Union, as it provides a level playing field and ensures compatibility with other devices operating within the region.

We provide various European wireless products with CE RED Certificates (The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU ). If you have any relevant needs, feel free to contact us.

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