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Test Methods of Electromagnetic Compatibility In-situ for Large Medical Equipment or System ON-SITE (IN-SITU) EMC TESTING

Electromagnetic compatibility testing of medical equipment in my country has been mandatory. Large medical equipment or systems often have characteristics such as large size, inconvenient transportation, relatively fixed installation, and large rated power supply current (here specifically refers to each phase current greater than 16 A), such as MRI, DR , cascade biochemical analyzers, high-power sterilizers, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, etc.

This type of equipment is more complex than conventional medical equipment in terms of test layout and cable connections. Due to the special requirements of the installation environment and usage environment, some equipment or systems are often inconvenient to conduct electromagnetic compatibility testing in a laboratory environment, and the equipment needs to be tested and evaluated at the installation site.

Similarly, there are large industrial equipment systems (for example, various large energy storage cabinets, charging stations, heavy industry equipment, large frequency converter cabinets, drying ovens, high-power motors, etc.), etc. due to fixed installation, large size, and inconvenient transportation. , large rated power supply current, and even some require separate other auxiliary support systems, etc., it is often impossible to complete electromagnetic compatibility testing in the laboratory. At this time, EMC on-site testing needs to be performed at the customer’s product site.

GZSA can provide one-stop technical services such as on-site EMC testing, non-conformity EMC debug, standard technical consultation, and registered inspection reports in China and across the country.

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