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Information to be submitted for SRRC certification

SRRC requirements are as follows:
Samples: 6 units are provided(1 set as a backup), of which 4 prototypes need to lead out radio frequency cables. Different RF product samples may have different requirements, but basic BT and WIFI need to provide 6 prototypes.

A. Has the applicant registered an account in the SRRC reporting system? If not, please provide the following information, and our company will help you register; if you have already registered, please provide your account and password.

  1. Color scanned copy of the applicant’s business license (the copy is affixed with the official seal, and the foreign company provides organization certification materials and Chinese translation, and the official seal is added)
  2. A copy of the legal person ID card with official seal
  3. Contact phone number of the handler

B. Application materials (all documents must be in Chinese, and the file size should not exceed 5M):

  1. Application form, letter of commitment, (attached, please fill out and confirm with our company)
  2. Color scanned copy of the applicant’s business license (can be ignored if provided),
  3. Power of attorney with official seal and scanned copy of ID card (see attachment)
  4. If the product is produced by the applicant, provide the applicant’s ISO quality system certificate, if it is not necessary to provide technical capabilities, production capacity and quality assurance system description (including at least the main production equipment model, number or quantity) production line, production plan, Corresponding testing equipment, etc.);
  5. If the applicant entrusts factory production, the contract between the applicant and the factory and the factory’s ISO quality system certificate or system description (including at least the main production equipment model, number of sets or production line, production plan, corresponding testing equipment, etc.);
  6. Block diagram, circuit diagram, product technical manual, RF part BOM (fill in the attachment form), RF module specification, antenna specification;
  7. Nameplate (including applicant name, product model, CMIIT ID: XXXXXXXXXXX, etc.)

Please provide priority in preparation for system registration

  1. Applicant’s business license (color drawing and official seal)
  2. Power of attorney (seal)
  3. A copy of the legal person’s ID card and a copy of the handler’s ID card (color trace and official seal)

For more SRRC details infomation, please contact David Zeng info@emc.wiki or 1513888718@qq.com

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