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What product needs SRRC type approval?

Everyone knows that SRRC is needed in China, so, do you know which products need to be SRRC certification?

  1. Public network mobile communication equipment
    01 Cellular public network mobile communication base station and auxiliary equipment
    02 Cellular public network mobile communication terminal equipment
  2. Dedicated communication equipment
    01 FM equipment (Ultrashort wave radio for maritime services)
    02 Digital walkie-talkie equipment
    03 public walkie-talkie
    04 Simulate cluster equipment
    05 Digital Trunking Equipment
    06 Police Digital Trunking Equipment
    07 Simulate non-central equipment
    08 Digital non-central equipment
    09 Data Transmission Equipment
    10 Fixed wireless video transmission equipment
    11 Dedicated mobile wireless video transmission equipment
    12 Shortwave single sideband equipment
    13 GSM-R railway special equipment
    14 Paging device
    15 800/900MHz band radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment
    16 5.8GHz electronic toll collection system
    17 230MHz band wireless data transmission equipment
    18 Ultra-wideband (UWB) equipment
    19 Internet of Vehicles (Intelligent Connected Cars) Directly Connected Communication Radio Equipment
  3. Wireless access equipment
    01 400MHz wireless access equipment
    02 1785-1805MHz frequency band wireless access system
    03 3.5GHz band fixed wireless access equipment
    04 26GHz band wireless access equipment (LMDS)
    05 40-50GHz frequency band point-to-point wireless access system
    06 Broadband wireless access system in 40-50GHz frequency band
    07 Digital microwave equipment
    08 2.4GHz spread spectrum communication equipment
    09 5.8GHz spread spectrum communication equipment
    10 2.4GHz band wireless LAN equipment
    11 5150-5350MHz band wireless access equipment
    12 5.8GHz band wireless LAN equipment
    13 60GHz band wireless access equipment
  4. Broadcast transmission equipment
    01 Broadcasting equipment
    02 TV equipment
  5. Radar equipment
    01 Weather radar
    02 Aviation radar
    03 Marine radar
    04 Vehicle radar
    05 Surveillance radar
  6. Navigation equipment
    01 Aviation communication and navigation equipment
    02 Other navigation equipment
  7. Satellite communication equipment
    01 Satellite Earth Station
  8. Other equipment
    01 Amateur radio equipment
    02 Unmanned aircraft system equipment
    03 Radio control equipment
    04 Meteorological aids

Radio transmission equipment model approved equipment type, SRRC product range catalog, download as follows:

For more SRRC catalog information about China SRRC certification, please consult David Zeng info@emc.wiki or 1513888718@qq.com

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