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07 / 2023

EMC debug

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) rectification or EMC debug, offers several advantages for electronic devices and systems: Improved Product Reliability: EMC rectification ensures that electronic devices and systems can operate reliably in ...


09 / 2022

Medical Surgical Robot EMC & Safety test and debug

Mr Zeng specializes in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, providing customers with professional EMC testing, safety testing, withstand voltage testing, leakage current testing, grounding resistance testing, high and low temperature testi...


04 / 2022

2022 Medical device product non-conformance notification cases – NMPA

Medical Device EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility YY0505-2012 / YY 9706.102-2021 Notice of Non-Compliance - NMPA Medical Device Safety GB 9706.1-2007 / GB 9706.1-2020 Non-Compliance Notice - NMPA Provide emc test, EMC debug, safety l...


01 / 2022

EMI investigation

On-site environmental electromagnetic interference investigation, according to different interference phenomena at the user site, investigation is carried out in different parts and areas to solve the electromagnetic interference problem of the c...


01 / 2022

EMC debug

EMI debug