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China Releases a National Standard -GB/T 9254.2-2021

信息技术设备、多媒体设备和接收机 电磁兼容 第2部分:抗扰度要求
Information technology equipment, multimedia equipment and receivers—Electromagnetic compatibility—Part 2: Immunity requirements

The national standard plan “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Information Technology Equipment, Multimedia Equipment and Receivers Part 2: Immunity Requirements” is reported under the jurisdiction of TC79 (National Radio Interference Standardization Technical Committee), TC79SC7 (National Radio Interference Standardization Technical Committee Information Technology Equipment, Multimedia Equipment and Receiver Electromagnetic Compatibility Branch), the competent authority is the National Standardization Management Committee. Proposed implementation date: officially implemented 6 months after the release.

Standard number: GB/T 9254.2-2021
Release Date: 2019-07-12
Project cycle: 24 months, 2-year conversion cycle
Replace all standards: GB/T 9383-2008, GB/T 17618-2015

Standard adoption

The revision of this standard adopts the IEC international standard: CISPR 35:2016.
Adopting standard Chinese name: electromagnetic compatibility and immunity requirements for multimedia equipment.

2022-01-06 Chinese National Standard Announcement

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