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Introduction of common safety standards for lithium batteries in the North American market

Commonly used standards and applicable product ranges for lithium batteries:

  1. UL1642:

Lithium-ion battery cell (cell) standard, applicable to rechargeable lithium battery and non-rechargeable lithium battery.

  1. UL2054:

Batteries for household and commercial products (battery) have a wide range of applications, suitable for rechargeable lithium batteries and non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

  1. UL62133:

Introduced by the IEC62133 standard, it is suitable for rechargeable lithium batteries and lithium batteries.

  1. UL2056:

Suitable for mobile power (power bank) products.

  1. UL62368-1:

Applicable to IT/AV product standards, and can also be used to evaluate mobile power (power bank) products.

  1. UL2595:

Suitable for battery-driven equipment products, such as: lamps, hand-held power tools, sweeping robots, garden tools, etc.

  1. UL2743:

It is suitable for car emergency starting power lithium battery.

  1. UL2271 & UL2272:

It is suitable for lithium batteries for electric vehicles (including balance vehicles and twisted vehicles).

  1. IEEE1625 & IEEE1725:

CTIA (American Wireless Communications and Internet Association) certification of lithium battery standards, suitable for mobile phone lithium batteries, laptop computers and IPAD lithium batteries.

  1. UL1973:

The safety standards for energy storage battery systems mainly cover all types of energy storage batteries used for photovoltaics, wind energy, backup power sources, and communication base stations.

  1. UL2580:

Batteries for electric vehicles, battery packs for driving electric vehicles, capacitive systems, hybrid systems, and subsystems or modules. For example: electric car battery pack, electric forklift battery pack, etc.

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