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Classification of certified products

When we do certification, we must first classify products. The principle of the applicable standards for certification is that products with product standards shall be used first, industry standards without product standards shall be used, and general standards shall be used for those without industry standards. No matter which type of standard is used or to know which standard to use, we must first classify products and then adapt them according to the scope of the standard. Basically all electronic and electrical products, in general, the common ones can be divided into the following categories:

Typical classifications are as follows

  • Multimedia Equipment (MME) products
  • Professional lighting products
  • Multimedia products
  • Home appliances
  • Lighting products
  • Wireless products

Multimedia Equipment (MME) products

  • Computer: PDA/Pocket PC, desktop computer, notebook computer;
  • Computer peripheral products: keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, monitor;
  • Communication network products: telephones, hubs, modems, routers, telephone switches, fax machines, multifunctional copy/scan/print systems;
  • Information processing products: copiers, cash registers, digital cameras, etc.
  • Office supplies: paper shredders, gluing machines, punching machines, photo printing equipment
  • Power equipment: UPS uninterruptible power supply, power adapter/supply

Professional lighting products

Professional audio, video, audio and video and lighting control equipment for entertainment venues. For example:

  • Stage lights
  • Various atmosphere lights
  • Stage lighting and music console

Home appliances

Household appliances, such as appliances whose main functions are realized by motors, switches, or regulators. These appliances include: household appliances, electric tools, adjustment controllers using semiconductor devices, electric equipment driven by electric motors, electric toys, and vending machines.

Typical home appliance products are:

  • fan
  • Electric kettle
  • refrigerator
  • washing machine
  • charger
  • Range hood
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Sweeper
  • Water Purifier
  • Soy Milk Maker
  • Various mixers
  • Various baking pans and stoves
  • popcorn machine

Lighting products

The lamps referred to here are mainly used for lighting purposes, not lamps for entertainment, atmosphere, and professional purposes, for example.

Typical lamps are as follows:

  • chandelier
  • Track Lighting
  • Garden lights
  • Hand lamp
  • Downlight
  • light post
  • desk lamp
  • Grille light
  • Aquarium Light
  • Street lamp
  • Spotlight
  • Energy-saving lamps
  • T8 tube

Wireless products

Refers to products with functions such as wireless frequency transmission, wireless communication, and remote control. For example, there are various products that are intentionally launched such as BT Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee, 433MHz, etc.

Typical wireless products are:

  • Bluetooth speaker (2.4g)
  • Wireless router (2.4g\5g)
  • Wireless keyboard (2.4g)
  • Wireless mouse (2.4g)
  • Wireless reader
  • Wireless transceiver
  • wireless microphone
  • Remote control (non-infrared)
  • Wireless network device
  • Wireless video transmission system
  • Low-power wireless products, etc.

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