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 China SRRC certification – Apply SRRC  samples and data

Sample Request

1.If the built-in module without certification, please provide fixed frequency prototype 5 units (lead RF line), fixed frequency tools 5, fixed frequency software and operating instructions.

2.If the built-in module has been certified and meets the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Document No. 1 of 2014, please provide a complete fixed-frequency prototype  and the built-in module certificate, one fixed-frequency tool, fixed-frequency software and operating instructions.Please note:  Each sample must have a label (nameplate) and a unique identification code (serial number or number).

Data Request

A:Have you registered an account in the “National Integrated Online Government Service Platform” or “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Government Service Platform”, if not, please provide the following information, we will help you to register

1.Proof of organization and Chinese translation, with signature stamp

2.Scanned copy of legal person’s passport

B:All files need to be in Chinese and the file size should not exceed 5M: (Each model)

1.Application form, commitment letter (Annex)

2.Scanned copy of business license and Chinese translation of the business license

3.Scanned copy and signature of the passport of the manager.

4.If the product is produced by the applicant, provide the applicant’s ISO quality system certificate (the scope of the certificate needs to include the product category of this application), if not need to provide a description of technical capabilities, production capacity and quality assurance system (can refer to the annex).

5.If the applicant commissions the production on behalf of the factory, it is necessary to provide the applicant and the factory’s commissioning contract and the factory’s ISO quality system certificate or system status statement.

6.Whole machine schematic diagram, block diagram, product manual, product technical manual, RF part BOM (fill in the attachment), RF module/chip specification, antenna specification, antenna gain and line loss description (see attachment), product six-sided photo + internal photo (attachment).

7.Nameplate (including applicant name, product model, CMIIT ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXX, etc.)

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